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Cadbury Inventor Competition 2020

There is a new Cadbury Dairy Milk flavor vote in the UK! This is the second Cadbury Inventor Competition; the first was held last year. Cadbury called on consumers to submit chocolate bar concepts from a range of ingredients via Cadbury's website. The top three concepts are produced for the market and the winning bar is added to Cadbury's permanent lineup.

The flavors for the 2020 Cadbury Inventor Competition are: Crunchy Honeycomb, Out of the Blueberry, and Coconutty. Each bar consists of milk chocolate with exciting flavor pairings and will be out in the UK soon.

Crunchy Honeycomb has milk chocolate with golden honeycomb pieces, caramel flavored fudge, and chopped hazelnuts.

Out of the Blueberry has milk chocolate with blueberry flavored nuggets and white chocolate crisp pearls.

Coconutty has milk chocolate with coconut crumble and white crisp pearls.

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