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Orange Vanilla Creme M&M's 

Orange Vanilla Creme M&M's are back for a third round, this time in single serve size packs! They were first released in late April 2018 in lay down bags a Dollar General exclusive. They returned in February 2020, again as a Dollar General exclusive, in stand up sharing size bags. Now they are back again at Dollar General!

Here is my review from 2018:

By all means, I shouldn't like this product. I'm not a fan of white chocolate, and I dislike Creamsicles. But these M&M's shockingly transcend that. The flavor starts as a sweet, creamy orange then ends with a pop of bold orange flavor. It's an accurate take on a Creamsicle. And it just works. Kudos to Mars Chocolate for creating a product good enough that white chocolate and Creamsicle haters even can't stop eating them.

Overall, these are a spot-on rendition of a Creamsicle in candy form and a great flavor for the summer. 8/10.

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